‘I have read many first person accounts of the experiences that people have gone through when they’ve been afflicted by the most devastating of psychiatric disorders—Schizophrenia. But, in all truth, I’ve never read one like I, Me and Us. What makes it so special, are the insights that Ganesh, the author, has not merely obtained, but also shared with such lucidity to anyone who reads this wonderful book. What’s most interesting is that the insights are not limited merely to surviving the illness, but have to do with life and the cognitive experience itself.

Well structured, crisp and clear, the book can help anyone looking for a roadmap to manoeuvre their ways around the speed bumps and potholes that our lives today encounter. It’s a terrific read and one that I would recommend to all those who are looking for some anchor points with which to navigate life’s vagaries.’ — Dr. Vijay Nagaswami – Psychiatrist and Bestselling Author

‘I, Me and Us is written by a person who has had to contend with a major psychiatric disorder in the best years of his life, and yet has managed to lead a meaningful existence with a good work record, a family, and a zest to share his life experiences. This book epitomises the fact that persons with major mental disorders can attain a state of normality comparable to others. This is well in keeping with the concept of recovery that is being targeted all over the world as a desirable outcome. While those with schizophrenia and their family members will probably identify with the experiences recounted in the narrative, this isn’t all the book has to offer. As the author himself mentions, he has spoken of philosophy, psychology and self-help. You will therefore find tips to cope with mental illness interlaced with philosophical and existential themes in a very intriguing and interesting manner. — Dr R Thara, Director: Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF), Chennai, India

‘Schizophrenia is one of the most devastating mental illnesses anyone can encounter. Suffering from this disorder and coming to terms with it, gaining insight to the illness, continuing medication and ultimately triumphing over this malady is not something easy to achieve. Ganesh Rajan has achieved this rather difficult feat with great aplomb…This book is in the form of a narrative about the illness, the process and recovery, with an emphasis on adherence to medication, while it also has a lot of self-analysis by the author. This narration will surely help on how to cope with this problem… He has written this volume under various chapters with a liberal sprinkling of supporting insights from diverse sources. It speaks volumes of his erudition and depth of knowledge, not only in what he is trying to convey, but also his knowledge in the field of literature.’—Dr S. Kalyanasundaram, Hon. CEO: Richmond Fellowship Society & Professor of Psychiatry and Principal: RF PG College for Psychosocial Rehabilitation, Bengaluru, India.