The author of “I Me and Us” displayed florid symptoms of schizophrenia (hallucinations, delusions, etc.) in his late teens. These symptoms receded after three years of treatment; however, many negative symptoms (social withdrawal, blunted emotions, etc.) remained for much longer. By sheer serendipity and some analyses, he “recovered” to come back to normality. This book captures the essence of everything that facilitated his return, rejuvenated.

Using schizophrenia as a framework, the book reveals an approach that can help almost anyone, not just a person recovering from the condition. The ideas in it can help set right a range of negatives, real or imagined, including timidity, fear, introversion and the like. To inspire holistic wellness, the book explores attitudes, interaction and beliefs, ejecting biases, refining agreements or disagreements, within and around the psyche. The book unabashedly and ambitiously tackles several existential complications to deliver vital, useful insights.