imeandusWhether afflicted or normal: Are you confused by a parade of things you should do, or should have, or should become? Are you having trouble with challenges and with competing? Or, do you need a way to become proactive and confident in your environment? Or, do you perhaps need a more complete explanation of Creation?

What insights can an ex-schizophrenic share with anyone at all? There are many books assuring formulas to win and techniques to success. This book is not one of them. I, Me and Us does not promise anything magical. It only offers new knowledge and skills to help create, discover or unleash a personal sense of sanity, success and wellness. Insights to help acquire such a sense emerged in the course of the author’s recovery from schizophrenia.

The book claims we can agree to disagree and yet coexist. It furnishes a platform for all kinds of individuals, the average and the best, to contribute and feel contented. The insights in it can help resolve many aberrations, and awaken a sense of purpose in the here and now, for both the ‘normal’ and afflicted.