Ganesh-N-RajanGanesh was afflicted with schizophrenia in his late teens. He attempts to describe his reality then, “It was a world my mind created. I struggled to tell between what was real and what was not”

He went through the entire cycle of the condition, and, over a three-year sabbatical, he was able to tackle it. Over time, he developed the ability to keep schizophrenic symptoms in remission, using an assortment of hypotheses and heuristics. Because of an innate sensitivity, and from probing into his own mind’s functioning, he ended up with original insights on social interaction. Ganesh challenges popular but flawed beliefs, which often cause dissatisfaction and unhappiness.

Ganesh reminisces, “I was touched by the anguish of the person that was me. I wanted to reach out to help the person and others who go through the same.” The insights he shares in I, Me and Us can reorient the vulnerable, and help many of the conventionally ‘normal’ others acquire a sense of fulfilment.

Ganesh has managed to acquire an engineering degree, an MBA in International Business and Master’s in Social and Applied Economics from Ohio, USA. He has been a consultant in various capacities in the USA, India and Japan since 1993. Ganesh is currently engaged as a Content Articulation Specialist, and in Patient-to-Patient (P2P)™ counselling, based out of Chennai, India.

In the works is a new fictional rendition based on the drama around the condition.