Welcome to I, Me and Us

The “I” stands for individual awareness… the “Me” is the package of desires, opinions, hopes and fears of that “I”… and the “Us”… the interaction of the “I” and the “Me” with the world out there.


About Author

Ganesh was afflicted with schizophrenia in his late teens. He attempts to describe his reality then, “It was a world my mind created. I struggled to tell between what was real and what was not”. He went through the entire cycle of the condition,

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About Book

Whether afflicted or normal: Are you confused by a parade of things you should do, or should have, or should become? Are you having trouble with challenges and with competing? Or, do you perhaps need a more complete explanation of Creation?

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Who can benefit?

Professionals: Psychiatrists| Psychologists| Counsellors| Mental Health Professionals. Associations/Societies/Professional Bodies: As ‘required reading’ for Mental Health Institutions| Health Organizations| Wellness Initiatives| Self-Help Groups.

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